As a result of participation in the refugee simulation, the Berufsfachschule Davos decided to take action. Together with the Kirchner Museum Davos, the students partnered with refugees from Eritrea and Afghanistan, all unaccompanied minors. The students worked on a carpentry project, for four months. They built chairs with 23 symbolic colours, representing the values of each individual. Janina Sakobielski, the school’s principal, says that, by learning and working on this together, “They got a view into each other’s world, trying to understand one another’s values, attitudes and ways of thinking.” Swiss press covered the final presentation of their work as the students explained its purpose and meaning to the public.  They called their project: “Have a seat!”, symbolizing the hospitality which sees people invite one another into their homes.

The students were trained in the construction of the chairs.

The young people spent time selecting colours that reflected their internal feelings and values.

The finished product!

Refugee Run